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Robert tile


Painting and designing has been part of my life since my earliest childhood. My father's architect's office, the various paints, papers and pens from my mother's art supply store always gave me the opportunity to try out new things. 

The interest in computer animation, sparked by the Prix Ars Electronica in Linz in 1987 with the famous "Luxo Jr." gave me the idea to train as a technical draftsman at a company with large computers. Ultimately, this led to my entry into technical illustration at BMW. But years passed with quite conventional airbrushing and drawing work. It wasn't until 10 years later that I was able to present my own rendered   and partially animated works to the public.

Another detour followed in 2001 when I was offered the opportunity to work as a consultant worldwide. An experience that I don't want to miss and that gave me a completely different view of the world.

From this grew the responsibility of leading a logistics planning group. 
Later various assignments in special projects.

However, the change in the environment made me think more about my passion for free design. And so, in 2021, I finally took the opportunity to leave the group and enter an independent and, above all, re-regulated artistic future.

Since then I have been designing more and more on canvas and paper. Sometimes concrete, but more and more often very abstract and intuitive.

Who can say where the journey is going. 







master class

2001 - 2021

Process Painting of Intuitive Power
postgraduate studies
Very free design with various binders and structural masses. Emphasis on the application of natural binders such as bone glue. 

Process painting of intuitive power
Material science, use of paints and inks, binding agents, preservation and security.

fog and elemental force

A week of intensive light and shadow play with various binders and structural masses.

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